One good study habit is to look for a partner or a study group

  • One good study habit is to look for a partner or a study group. It is proven that study groups or partners are an efficient way of learning and especially preparing for exams. Finding the perfect partner or group can be an uphill task though very important which means that one should take this process seriously. It is usually very tempting to study with one's best friend; this often turns out to be just hanging out and not study as such. This is why a best friend may not be the ‘best" option for a study partner. In your quest for a partner, look for someone who won't distract you which rules out your best friend. Anyone who is always going off topic and frequently asking for unnecessary breaks should also be off the list of potential partners.

    Look for a person who shares your vision and goals of forming the partnership. The partner(s) must be hardworking just like you or even more. When you have people who you share goals with makes it easier for you to work together. The partner should also have similar study habits such as likes studying in the library, likes researching beyond what the teacher taught among other good habits. Get a partner who can challenge you; competition among you will be a source of motivation. You do not want to be the tutor of your partner all the time; this can really drag you backward. Therefore, get a partner whose strengths compliments your weaknesses. Both of you have things to teach each other.

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