Share Knowledge About Stainless Steel Laundry Sink

  • Nowadays, as people's living standards continue to improve, so the demand for home improvement is gradually improving. In the ordinary laundry tank, people tend to be healthy and have a long service life, so the Stainless Steel Laundry Sink has been sought after by people. . Today, let's talk about the relevant knowledge about the sink.

    1. Under counter basin, Taichung basin and above counter basin craft
      The most common and simplest basin installation, open a hole on the countertop that is slightly smaller than the size of the sink, so that the sink can be placed on the countertop, and then a circle of glass glue can be placed around. This type of installation is the easiest, but it is not convenient to clean the table top during use, and the glass glue is prone to mold and blackness for a long time.

    The Taichung basin installation is based on the opening of the above-ground basin. The circumference of the opening is continuously polished, so that the sink is placed on the countertop and the edge of the sink is just embedded in the countertop and flush with the countertop. This type of installation must be precise and time consuming. In addition, it is best to strengthen it under the countertop.

    In the process of selecting the sink, the under counter basin needs to pay attention to the edge shape of the sink. The under counter basin and the Taichung basin are installed to fit the wide flat sink, and the above counter basin can be installed normally.

    1. Pulling faucet VS ordinary faucet
      The advantage of the pull-out faucet is that water can be placed in all corners of the sink, which is very practical when cleaning the sink and countertops.
    2. Single slot VS double slot
      The single tank can completely put down a wok with a handle, and it is also very good to wash with the pull-type faucet. The double tank can be washed while greasy, the other side of the tank is cleaned, or drained while storing water.
    3. Water purifier OR garbage processor
      If you want to install a water purifier or a garbage disposer under the sink, you should leave the socket in advance and look at the size in advance. Some drainage systems under the sink are more complicated and take up more space.
    4. Waterproof aluminum foil
      Waterproof aluminum foil is generally added to the bottom of the sink cabinet. Although most stainless steel sinks now have anti-condensation coatings, it is always right to add a piece of insurance just in case.
    5. Sink dishwasher
      Compared with the traditional large dishwasher, the sink dishwasher has the disadvantage of small capacity and can not wash large pots; the advantage is that the capacity is small and does not occupy the ground, it can be washed once, and it can work for 2 hours in a large dishwasher. As long as the machine is half an hour, it can also wash seafood and wash fruits.