Rules For Maintenance Of China Stainless Steel Sink

  • A kitchen is a place where we increase mutual feelings between host and guest, or a place where we experience and enjoy life. If you want a clean and efficient kitchen, you have to mention the role of the sink in the kitchen for a long time. If the sink is of poor quality, it will play a negative role in cleaning the kitchen. On the contrary, it will make us have more fun in " work". So now look at the installation and maintenance of China Stainless Steel Sink with the small master.

    I installation of kitchen sink

    1. before installation, be sure to buy a high-quality water tank. Because of the advantages of lightweight, hard and not easy to age, most people go back to buy stainless steel first. It should also be noted that the water tank with a depth of 17 - 25cm should be selected as far as possible, which is also the most reasonable depth proved by practice and can also save water.

    2. When installing the water tank, first connect the water inlet pipe of the faucet with the water inlet switch. After carefully examining the lower back of the joint, we must ensure that the two are closely linked, otherwise, they will leak easily and cause waste.

    3. Second, attention should be paid to the situation of water spilling into the waterhole during installation. To ensure the smooth flow of the pipeline, unnecessary replacement actions should be avoided as far as possible.

    4. Also, pay attention to the installation of filter blue. On the one hand, the filter hole should not be too large to block the pipeline; On the other hand, it should not be too thin, resulting in accumulation of debris and difficulty in launching the water tank.

    5. Finally, ensure the soundness of the sink. If the sink wobbles, not only will your team be in a bad mood, but it will also spend an extra sum of money to repair it.

    Second, the kitchen sink maintenance method

    1. When using for the first time after the installation is completed, drain the water for about 10 to 15 minutes and flush out the sundries in the pipe as much as possible.

    2. When cleaning the kitchen, always wipe off the water stains around the sink and inside with a rag to avoid floating rust.

    3. Do not place iron objects near the sink or clean strong acids and alkalis in the sink.

    4. If rust appears, clean it up as soon as possible.

    The installation of kitchen sink is very important. Choosing high-quality sink can reflect the quality of the kitchen, and it takes a long time to use and is not easy to corrode and discolour. However, the later use time cannot be separated from the correct maintenance method, so good sink should be well maintained after use. Please refer to the above precautions and daily cleaning before it can be used for a longer time.