What Are The Classifications Of Stainless Steel Laundry Sink?

  • Stainless steel products are easier to clean and look cleaner and stylish. Although the sink is small furniture, it can also be essential for home life. Here we will find out the price of the Stainless Steel Laundry Sink and the size of the sink.

    Let's take a quick look at the stainless steel laundry sink. Stainless steel sinks first appeared in Europe and the United States. The earliest in China was in Taiwan. Stainless steel laundry sinks are also classified. They are generally divided into 304# material stainless steel, 202# material stainless steel, and 201# material stainless steel. These kinds of sinks are the best 304, 202 A little worse, 201 times, of course, the price difference is also huge, the choice of stainless steel laundry sink actually has a lot of knowledge, we still have to pay attention to the selection when buying.

    There are three types of stainless steel sinks, single, double and triple. Of course, the different model sizes are different, but in general, the size of the stainless steel sink is relatively standard. The general size is that the single slot 60*45cm and 50*40cm are relatively small; the size of the double slot is generally 88*48cm. 81*47cm is more common; three-slots are generally 97*48cm and 103*50cm are more common.

    The price of stainless steel sinks has always been a concern for everyone. Generally, the price of the same products is quite different because of the factors of brand and quality. As far as stainless steel sinks are concerned, the cheapest single-slot stainless steel sinks are generally more than one hundred yuan, the double tanks are about three hundred yuan, and the three slots are around five hundred; slightly better stainless steel sinks are almost in the shape of more than four hundred tanks. There are more than six hundred tanks, and three tanks are almost eight or nine hundred. The price of expensive stainless steel single tank sinks is about six hundred yuan, the double tanks are eight hundred and nine hundred yuan, and the three tanks are at least one thousand yuan.

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