MapleStorySEA Final Ark Update Gives New Region from the Arcane

  • The third and final patch for MapleStory’s Ark Update will be live today, unveiling a whole new area on the Arcane  River: Esfera, The Sea of Beginnings. Esfera could be the 6th region on the Arcane River and could be the direct continuation  from the final of Morass MapleStory 2 Mesos The Swamp of Memories.
    This region just isn't for the faint of hearts however, as players are needed to be level 235 or beyond to go in. And  this is necessary, because apart from the stronger mobs you'll find from the region you will also find Will, one with the  commanders of Maple Story's main antagonist, The Black mage.
    The Esfera region inside Arcane River
    Will has been officially designated Buy MapleStory 2 Mesos as "the toughest boss" within the Maple World to date, as you are going to be battling  him and another version of himself that exists inside the parallel universe in the Mirror World simultaneously.