The Kotaku story rounds out by condemning the appearance of Tru

  • The Kotaku story rounds out by condemning the appearance of Trump masks and MAGA hats, in addition to attempting to conflate these for white supremacy, writing…
        “[…] One player who planned to keep anonymous told Kotaku they have got seen items like this regarding the Meret Market ever since the experience’s official launch on October 10. “It’s really overt,” the course notes said. “People will advertise in world chat channels to acquire their new items, together with its commonly a MAGA hat the like. And the players putting these designs MapleStory 2 Mesos about the block are rewarded with game currency.” On the MapleStory 2 subreddit, players have shared images of characters wearing Trump masks and MAGA hats sources that are to three months ago. […]”
        “[…] It’s uncertain whorrrre making and downloading these products. They might be trolls about to get a expansion of people online. They may be real white supremacists trying to recruit people, as some have claimed to get done in other flash games. No matter MapleStory 2 Mesos for sale what, it’s disturbing than an impressionable kid can buy white supremacist content inside of a chipper-looking game by just searching for the word “proud,” and hopefully MapleStory 2’s developers will come to be success their stated efforts to “accelerate the response time” to players’ reports.”