New Games and Testing

  •     Battlerite: This sort-of-MOBA left early access and launched on November 8th.
        TERA M: The mobile spin-off TERA has already tallied up two million reservations in advance of the launch later this month.
        The Black Death: Due to changes MapleStory 2 Mesos as well as a new build on the game, the team was required to perform the full wipe on all characters and progress.
        Vendetta Online: Get as much as date on all with the latest developments, including mobile and Mac improvements, within this game’s newsletter.
        Pokemon Go: The devs just changed up which raid bosses you’ll encounter from the wild!
        Dreadnought: Update 1.9.5 brings improvements to squads, combat, and rewards.
        SMITE: Save King Hercules in Patch 4.21!