Advantages of Installing Custom Kitchen Cupboards

  • Installing custom kitchen cupboards is now quite a trend in Cape Town. People buying new properties often spend a lot of time customising their kitchen cabinets or cupboards, in the way they want. If it is an old property, then updating the cabinets and cupboards is often considered to be a necessity. When modifying kitchen cupboards and cabinets, homeowners spend a lot of time in analysing their needs so that they have everything as per convenience. Getting in touch with companies which offer customised kitchen cupboards or Cabinets in Cape Town is considered to be the first step.  (Information Credit –


    When you are installing kitchen cupboards and cabinets, you need to understand a few things. First and foremost, you need to know how stock cabinets are different from the custom ones.


    The difference between stock and custom cupboards is not just about their looks. Yes, they look different and there are many other differences as well. The most understandable point is the fact that stock cupboards are ready-made and are manufactured in the premises of the manufacturer and are usually just transferred to the buyer’s kitchen. A custom cupboard, on the other hand, is set up in the kitchen of the homeowner. There are several advantages which make custom cupboards a superior alternative.

    Following are a few of those advantages:


    They Are Just as You Wish:

    Kitchen layouts differ a lot and no two kitchens are of the same size and design. Your kitchen might be different from your neighbour’s kitchen. Now, if you like a particular cupboard, it might not look as good in your kitchen as it does in your neighbours. In the case of custom cupboard, this problem goes straight out of the window. Custom cabinets and cupboards can be set up according to your wish and considering your interior layout. It intelligently makes use of the available space and does not make your kitchen seem cluttered.


    They Look Stylish and Modern:

    Custom cupboards are built and set up in front of your eyes. Thus, you can easily see that brand-new screws and bolts are used to attach the newly polished parts of the cupboards. Any stock cupboard, on the other hand, is generally produced and assembled in bulk, which increases the chances of it being of average quality.


    Help in Enhancing Your Property Value:

    You bought a new house, which has an out-dated kitchen, filled with old cabinets and cupboards. You take the decision of remodelling the kitchen which involves replacing the old cabinets and cupboards with custom ones. This will automatically update the overall design of the interior of your house. This, in turn, increases the value of the house, for future sale.


    They are Environment Friendly:

    When you purchase a stock cupboard, it reaches your house ready-made, which means you cannot guarantee that a specific material is used in its manufacturing process. Even if a seller assures you, you can never be completely sure because you haven’t seen it during the manufacturing process. However, in the case of custom cupboards, you order the material of your choice. After which a specialist will assemble it them in your kitchen. You have an option to deliberately choose eco-friendly material, in a custom cupboard, unlike stock ones.