How to Improve your Brain Health?

  • In today’s fast-paced world, people have long forgotten ways to take care of their body and mind. One cannot deny that the 21st century has brought severe inflictions both physical and mental. It’s true that medical science has reached new altitudes with constant technological development. Medical science has elongated the span of human life, but it has also indicated a grave warning. We all know that the brain is the centre stage of our entire being. Each bodily function is controlled by the brain. 


    But when humans hit the age of 50-ish, the peak performance of the brain gradually decreases. In various statistical reports, it has been found that human’s brain health has been depreciating consistently. The root cause of this dilemma is often associated with the pervasiveness of technology in our daily lives. (Information Credit – GetSavvi Health)


    What Exactly is Brain Health?

    Brain health is often considered to be a synonym to mental health. But brain health is much more than the mental health of an individual. It includes a person’s ability to remember, learn, concentration and creativity. In order to strengthen these brain functions, we all require to enhance brain health by reducing unnecessary stress.


    Factors Affecting Brain Health in Individuals

    In the modern age, there have been countless brain health damaging risks which affect both children as well as adults. Whether its leading an unsatisfying life or anything about the past, emotional trauma leaves an imprint on our brain health.


    Some of the most noteworthy factors that result in poor brain health are as follows;


    • Sleep Deprivation

    Sleep deprivation or not getting enough sleep in common can be considered as a gift we received from technical advancements. After smartphone penetration, the world became engrossed in an array of digital activities. Unhealthy sleep routine is caused due to excessive use of devices such as laptops, mobile phones and tablets. Sleep-related issues result in loss of focus, depreciated creativity levels, slower brain functions etc. 


    • Anxiety & Stress

    Every individual is literally fighting their own war trying to make the ends meet. Whether you’re a working professional or a high-school student, peer pressure robs you of mental stability and peace. Anxiety and stress have become dangerously common among individuals, irrespective of their age and status. 


    • Unhealthy Lifestyle

    These days, maintaining a social quotient is more important than taking care of their brain health. To achieve the most ‘happening’ lifestyle, most youngsters follow an approach towards their daily life. They read misleading blogs and follow tedious celebrity routines, eat less, exercise rigorously to get an impossible figure. All of this takes a toll on their brain health and which invites many complex mental issues.


    • Poor Dietary Habits

    To acquire a body shape or just to remain fit, many individuals start following imbalanced diet charts. Imbalanced diet means their body and brain do not get the proper nutrition it requires to function. This situation leads to a disastrous result which is often life-threatening. According to neuro specialists, our brain suffers greatly from the poor diet without us realizing it.


    Tips to Enhance Brain Health


    • Getting Practical Lessons

    Poor brain health is no laughing matter as it could turn into various psychological issues such as Alzheimer's disease after a while. For this reason, taking help from an expert is always recommended. They not only understand the gravity of the situation but also provide people with practical lessons to keep their brain on track.


    • Overcoming Trauma

    Brain health can be tough to enhance if a person is going through a rough phase in their life. Post-traumatic therapy could help such people a lot better. Overcoming trauma could lead to some positive results in the end.


    • Brain-Based Habits

    Optimisation of brain usage is a significant and often successful approach towards achieving better brain health. Most children are taught brain-based habits to enhance their brain functioning. These habits develop healthy brain growth which stays till adulthood.


    • Reversing the Effects of Depression

    Depression is a psychological condition that has spread like an epidemic in our modern society. it preys on both old and young and affects their lives greatly. We all understand that building healthy relationships are crucial for all human life. But depression can force its victim to abandon social life and complicate general understanding of situations. It slowly leads its victim to self-harming and suicidal tendencies. Taking off one’s brain health ensures that they remain free from depression and such life-threatening mental states.


    • Solving Memory Issues

    As described earlier, Alzheimer’s disease can be observed as a collective result of poor brain health. It starts with weakening of the patient’s memory and slowly grows to a painful extent. Although this disease shows its clear indications in old-age but its incurable by then. Cases of complete recovery from Alzheimer’s is rare which is why memory issues should be solved as soon as it occurs.