5 Fireplace Styling Ideas for the Summer

  • A fireplace serves as the focal point of a home during the fall and winter months. However, during the summer months, the fireplace is often neglected as there is no possibility of enjoying a crackling fire anymore. Once the summer season arrives, you can still leverage the fireplace as the primary point of your house. Summer season serves as the perfect opportunity to utilize the fireplace to reflect a sunny personality. (Information credit: https://www.theoriginalflame.com/)


    1. Add some spring blooms – spring and summer bring lush greenery and blooms with them. Use your fireplace to add a touch of summer greenery to your room. The lush green leaves and ferns will also breathe new life into the cold fireplace. Simply gather your favorite flowers, botanicals also ferns and put them in a contrasting, vibrant vase or flower box. You can then nestle them into the heath or place them front and center on the mantle. This is the perfect way to add a fresh and vibrant feel of the summer season.


    2. Make it Pop with Color – Color your fireplace in poppy and punchy hues that scream summer. You can also jazz up your fireplace by adding some accent pieces or bright artwork. Opt for pieces with bright tones like bold oranges, aqua or even magenta. A great idea to celebrate the summer season is to add a colorful floral painting on top of the mantel.


    3. Summer Flames – You obviously cannot light up the fireplace in the summers. However, you can still create a glowing, cozy ambience that fire offers. Use scented candles to create ambient lighting that will make your room glow. There are innumerable ways in which you can arrange the candles. Arrange your favorite candles in the hearth of the fireplace or line them across the mantle. The sweet smells will create a summery ambience.


    4. Mirror Magic – Summer is a bright time with ambient natural light entering the house. To make the most of the light, and focus on the fireplace, pop a mirror on top of the mantel. The mirror will reflect the beams of light entering through the window in all corners of the room. This way, you will not only save on your electricity bill, but your room will also appear to be larger. You can also place a mirror in the hearth to make your room appear larger and longer. With different sizes, shapes and designs of mirrors available, you can easily find one that blends with your fireplace and the décor of your living room.


    5. Draw Attention with Showpieces – You can occupy the huge hollow in the fireplace to display your statement pieces and draw attention to it. Place your over-sized statues in the hearth of the fireplace to make it the focal point in the room. You can also line the mantel with vases or place vases inside the hearth.


    So, unleash your creativity and experiment with your fireplace. It could definitely become the X-factor of your room with some imaginative and innovative styling.