How Tinnitus Can Be Treated

  • Are you suffering from constant ringing, buzzing or whistling sound in your ear, then you might be suffering from tinnitus. However, the severity of the disease can vary from person to person. Some people may experience tinnitus as high-frequency whistling sounds while others describe the disease as a buzzing noise or a sound similar to thumping sound in the same rhythm. If you are worried about the disease then this article is a great help to you as it describes how tinnitus can be treated in effective ways. (Information Credit –


    Tinnitus Sound Therapy

    In this therapy patients are asked to wear a sound emitting device in the ear during sleep that may train the brain to ignore the annoying chronic ringing sound in the ears.  While sound masking can cover the sound of tinnitus, more advanced therapies may provide more robust relief to the patient. The Tinnitus Sound therapy is also known as acoustic therapy.


    How it Works?

    Special devices that make a quiet background noise can be put on a table top or nightstand or it can be carried with you so that the effect of the internal sound gets lower. You can also get customised devices designed specifically to serve your requirements. The devices can make different types of sound. Your hearing specialist may suggest you use broadband noise sounds like radio static. The device includes different “colours” of noise like white noise, pink noise that have different frequencies. You can also be suggested music in moderate tempo. Sometimes instrumental music is used for the sound therapy.


    Different types of tinnitus sound therapies

    • Masking: This process includes exposing the patient to an external noise at a loud enough volume. It can partially or completely cover the sound of the tinnitus.
    • Distraction: Distraction is used to divert a patient’s attention from the sound of tinnitus.
    • Habituation: In habituation, the patients are gradually made accustomed to the sound. Patient’s brain reclassifies tinnitus as an unimportant sound that should be ignored consciously.
    • Neuromodulation: This is a specialized sound therapy that is used to minimize the neural hyperactivity that is considered to be the main cause of tinnitus.


    Hearing Aids and Tinnitus:

    A hearing aid can help in treating tinnitus if you are suffering from full or partial hearing loss. A hearing specialist may help you in finding out which hearing aid is best for you. Unlike the traditional hearing aid open-fit hearing aids are used. In this device the speaker is placed in the ear canal to deliver. Some hearing aids come with a sound generator. This provides extra low-level sounds. Thus, this type of hearing aids is a great help for people who are taking habituation process.


    Sound and Sleep Apps:

    In the recent times, countless apps are available that offer a soothing external sound for people who are suffering from tinnitus. You can also play your personal favourites as well as the compositions suggested to you by your hearing specialists. You can avail these apps from the modern app stores.



    There are many reputed hearing clinics in Ontario that offer effective tinnitus treatment at an affordable price. If you are experiencing symptoms similar to tinnitus then you should pay a visit to the clinics for availing the best tinnitus treatment.