Path of Exile explains upcoming Energy Shield mechanical change

  • There are a couple of big changes visiting Energy Shield in Path of Exile’s next expansion, so that as tends to happen with major system changes, the designers have penned a long column explaining why these changes exist. It’s not really that Energy Shield is inherently bad, obviously; the problem is by purchasing high enough values along with the right number POE Orbs of relics, players can ultimately use Energy Shield to totally replace Life as being a survival mechanic, which leads to characters with enormous health pools with virtually no investment in accomplishing this.

    To fix this matter high-end shield values happen to be significantly tuned down, as well as some different items have gotten their synergy with Energy Shield adjusted to supply a more tangible drawback. Vaal Pact, one example is, do not provide any help to Energy Shield (whereas it currently allows almost a quick refill of shields with virtually no drawbacks). However, it is going to Buy POE Orbs also be feasible for players to craft better Energy Shield items earlier, so players can certainly still try your builds that made these changes necessary; they’ll always be potent, nevertheless they should will no longer make you effectively unkillable.